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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning

This independent film has more in common with Little Miss Sunshine than just Alan Arkin. There are the quirky characters; a wacky, dysfunctional family whose members love and can't do without each other even as they drive each other crazy; a precocious kid -- and a van that figures prominently in the story. But, this story is much more drama than comedy, whereas Little Miss Sunshine was the reverse.

Rose (Amy Adams) is rock-solid as a former cheerleader whose glory days are long past. She's a single mom to a young boy who's constantly in trouble. She's involved with a married man (Steve Zahn) who is clearly not planning to leave his wife. And, she tries to eke out a living by cleaning houses.

And, she's the successful sister.

Emily Blunt plays the younger, troubled, irresponsible sister who keeps getting fired from waitressing jobs. But when Rose gets wind of a serious money-making opportunity, she enlists the help of her reluctant sister, and the two start a business specializing in cleaning up crime scenes. Along the way, the sisters will be forced to confront -- each in their own way -- the memory of their mother who has been missing from their lives since they were young.

Parts of the movie are a bit heavy-handed and manipulative. And, this reviewer was disappointed that the fate of one important character is never addressed -- even after the film has led you to believe he and one of the main characters are falling for each other. Still, there's enough about this movie -- primarily its endearing cast -- to recommend it. See it.

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