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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mademoiselle Chambon

While I may have wished the pace of this French romance were a bit quicker, the leads are sheer perfection and compensate for the occasional lag in the story.

Veronique, a stunning, freckled strawberry blonde, with the most graceful neck since Audrey Hepburn, plays a world-weary elementary schoolteacher. Jean is the world-weary father of one of her students. He's in a comfortable, if less than exciting, marriage. The two meet, connect and begin a slow, hesitant, chaste affair of the heart.  

The characters are completely believable in their awkwardness, their attraction to one another and their reluctance to proceed. There's no villain here -- just the story of two people who long for each other and the seeming impossibility that they can be together. A mature, melancholy wonder. See it.

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