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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inside Job

Most economists agree that the the Great Recession is over, but the Chronic Critic doesn't buy it. Unemployment is still high, houses aren't selling, people are underwater in their mortgages and things just, generally suck. There's a malaise in the air that's hard to deny. People are mad -- and with good reason.

Well, get ready to get even madder.

The documentary, Inside Job, dissects the crash of the financial markets and reminds us all over again about the greed on Wall Street that led to our undoing. But, there's plenty of blame to go around. Democratic and Republican presidents, Treasury secretaries, SEC chiefs, economic advisers, regulators and ratings agencies all get their due. As does Alan Greenspan.

Even the economics departments at our best academic institutions -- Harvard, Columbia, et al -- share in the blame. No one's ever been held accountable, and the movie suggests no one's even learned a lesson from the fall.

Matt Damon narrates the tale of corporate greed and massive corruption at the highest levels of business, government and academia. It'll burn you up (unless you're one of the elite who profited from this mess), but you still need to ... see it.

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