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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Perfect Getaway

Thrillers rarely win awards (Fatal Attraction and Misery being notable exceptions), and this movie is no Fatal Attraction. But of course, Milla Jovovich is no Glenn Close.

But, there's definitely a place -- especially on a sweltering August day -- for a B-grade thriller. And, this one does the trick. It's beautifully shot, to boot, which is an unexpected bonus in a B-movie.

Salaried critics have faulted the film for being too obvious, yet this critic -- call her obtuse -- never saw the twist coming. Which made it all the more jaw-dropping.

Jovovich and Steve Zahn play Cydney and Cliff, honeymooners looking for adventure on remote trails on Kauai. You might expect to see drugged-out bohemians in Hawaii, but Cydney and Cliff meet more than their fair share. Running into these kinds of kooks in the wilderness would give the rest of us pause, but -- in true B-movie fashion -- the newlyweds just move on down the trail, paying no attention to their misgivings.

Add to that the information now trickling out about another honeymoon couple in Hawaii being brutally murdered (and the suspects being a man and woman), and it seems especially ill-conceived for any of these fools to be out on the trails.

Could the killers be the tattoo'd, dreadlocked freaks who tried to bum a ride from Cydney and Cliff earlier? Or, might the killers be the peculiar couple who both have a particular agility with knives and other weaponry?

What great fun to find out. Take middling expectations and ... see it.

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