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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paper Heart

There are documentaries, there are mockumentaries (Christopher Guest is the master of that genre) and then there is this hybrid that leaves the audience wondering what part, if any of it, is true. Charlyne Yi -- an adorably rumpled stand-up comedian who claims not to believe in love -- is at the heart of this faux documentary. She sets out on a quest to find out if true love exists and, if so, what exactly it is.

Charlyne and a film crew head from L.A. to Nashville, Albuquerque, Toronto and Paris and find out ... (SPOILER ALERT!) nothing. She interviews people about their own love stories. (Are they "real" or actors? We're never sure.) Along the way, she seems to fake-fall in love with the actor Michael Cera.

I knew going into this movie that some critics complained that the line between fact and fiction here was just too fuzzy. But, I didn't know how cheated I'd feel after wasting my time and money. What a disappointment. Skip it.

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