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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let Me In

Let the Right One In was #3 on my top 10 movie list from 2008. Hollywood has remade the Swedish film and renamed in Let Me In. Surprisingly, the remake is almost as good as the original. It should be; it follows it nearly frame-by-frame.

In fact, it follows it so closely that I need not write a new review. I've trotted out the 2008 capsule review. In case you missed the original -- or, like my mother, you can't read subtitles --the remake is certainly worth a sit. If you've seen the original, the new version is redundant.

Let the Right One In. A love story masquerading as a vampire movie. A lonely, bullied middle school boy finds understanding and friendship with a new neighbor in his apartment complex. Yet, this equally lonely 12-year-old girl only comes out at night. And, there’s an awful secret she can only hint at. She tells him she’s “been 12 for a long time,” but several townspeople will be murdered – although by reluctant predators – before the boy becomes aware of the truth his only friend hides.

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Kari said...

We watched the Swedish original last night...amazing. Thanks for the recommendation!