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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winter's Bone

If the Clampetts starred in a new version of Waiting for Godot, it might look something like Winter's Bone, a seriously depressing and inert drama in which trashy country folk smoke, cuss, git in fights and shoot and gut squirrels for dinner. I suppose the main story is that a gal goes off in search of her crack-cookin' diddy, who has apparently put up their ramshackle cabin as his bond money.

This is a movie in which one of the characters says, without the slightest trace of irony, "Didn't one of my nephews shoot your diddy?" Seriously, if there are people who live like this, the Chronic Critic would prefer they remain out yonder.

Over the course of the movie, I 'bout got my fill on bail bondsmen, banjos and girl fights. Will the main character (I can't even recall her name) find her diddy and git to save the "house"? I doubt you'll care much one way or the other. Skip it.


Jeff Elder said...

I have stumbled upon your blog and like it quite a lot. (As a Pauline Kael and Dorothy Parker fan, I like a woman full of good jeer.) But as a fan of the Clampetts ("Jethro, if brains was lard, you couldn't grease a pan."), and of this movie, I think you have your hillbillies nuzzlin' the wrong kin here.The heroine of this movie fought to preserve what was good about her squalid life -- her siblings, while traveling into the very heart of what was bad about it -- macho drug abuse and a cruel hierarchy of intimidation.

The chronic critic said...

Jeff Elder! I've been a fan since your "Glad You Asked" column from The Observer. Even though you disagree with my assessment, I'm honored that you'd leave a comment on my l'il blog. You've made my day!

Cal Sawyer said...

Great posting, Chronic. Because I too, love the Clampetts ("Uncle Jed, that schoolin' ain't fer me. They tried to tell me pie are squared. Everybody knows pie are round. Cornbread are squared"). I may have to actually see this movie.