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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Even as a furry predator, George Clooney can't conceal his devastating charm.

He provides the voice of the title character in Wes Anderson's animated version of a Roald Dahl children's story. Mr. Fox has been a happily married (to Felicity, voiced by Meryl Streep) father of a young misfit fox for 12 years. But, he yearns for the adventure of his youth. (Before settling down, he was a poultry thief.)

His desire for one last big score, plus his move to a new tree (Mr. Fox is upwardly mobile) and the arrival of his athletic, popular nephew sets the action in motion. His son is now forced to compete with his cousin for his father's affections. And, when Mr. Fox and his cohorts begin staying out late and excusing themselves early from the dinner table, Mrs. Fox smells a rat. So to speak.

The movie -- which has the sort of amateurish look some of us will remember from 1970s Saturday morning cartoons -- teaches us a few lessons without ever being preachy. The lessons involve being true to oneself, adapting to one's surroundings and that everyone -- even the rats and possums among us -- has some talent worth sharing.

It's a sweet, funny fable appropriate for young kids but appealing to grown-ups, too. See it.

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