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Friday, July 24, 2009


Let's get this straight from the beginning. This movie is not for everybody. It is not for my parents, for instance. It is not for any of my parents' friends. It may not even be for anyone of my parents' generation.

But, it is soooo for me.

Offensive? Thoroughly. But, shockingly hilarious. Hilariously shocking. The popularity of Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat may have meant that he could never fool anyone with that disguise again, but he sure does fool plenty of people with his gay supermodel schtick.

I cringe to think that real people were had by this act. I do feel badly for Ron Paul, although he didn't do anything to embarrass himself. And, Austrian Bruno can't help it that he confused Ron Paul with cross-dressing RuPaul. Honest mistake.

This movie shows that there is actually a limit to Paula Abdul's stupidity, and that's good to know. With Bruno as her host and interviewer, she is willing to use a Mexican man as a chair (don't ask; it has to be seen to be believed), but she does draw the line at ... oh, I can't even type it. You should just see it. Or not.

If you would be offended by an exercise bicycle that's been rigged up to serve as a sex toy, then you definitely shouldn't see this. But, if you see humor in a minister who specializes in converting gay people to straights telling Bruno that he knows women are nags and talk too much and sometimes don't ever get to the point, but that we have some good qualities, too, then you may be the target audience for Bruno. As for me, I guffawed from beginning to delightful end. See it ... as long as you acknowledge you've been warned.

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