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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Hangover

By now, you surely know the premise. Three friends (well, two friends and a slightly slow future brother-in-law) take Doug to Vegas for a bachelor party. The three wake up in their luxury suite the morning after to discover blow-up dolls in the tub, a still-smoldering cigar burning a leather chair, a live chicken, an equally live tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the closet. Oh, and the groom is missing.

No one has any recollection of the previous night. They've got to find their friend but will need to do a bit of (bumbling) detective work to retrace their steps.

If the summary sounds hysterical, wait until you see these hapless guys in action. The fellas may be stereotypes, but they're still HI-larious. Ed Helms (Dwight Shrute's rival for Angela on The Office) plays the hen-pecked professional who is fearful of his battle ax of a live-in girlfriend. Bradley Cooper plays the hot stud who's unhappily married and complains about the old ball and chain at every turn. He's also a teacher, and he complains about that, too.

The dimwitted brother, though, is a complete original. He gets the best lines, and his helpless longing to just be one of the guys provides the raunchy proceedings with a bit of heart.

While many of the plot devices used (mistaken identity, for one) are a bit worn, they're made to seem fresh here. The old you-got-my-suitcase-and-I-got-yours-since-they-are-identical gag (from What's Up, Doc?) is updated here to involve a man purse.

The ending will not come as a surprise to anyone, but there are plenty of surprises to be had in Vegas to keep the movie laugh out-loud funny from start through the final credits. See it.

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